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How you can help

Encourage green lizards into your garden:

  • Avoid pesticides and herbicides.

  • Vary vegetation so that lizards can bask in sunshine while having enough physical cover to attract prey and protect them from predators.

  • Clear large amounts of vegetation (dead or alive) with care. Itís best to carry out work before 10 am and not on sunny days when lizards are most active.

  • Plant flowering plants and shrubs which attract insects. Green lizards like lots of different insects and will climb the branches of small flowering shrubs and plants to hunt for bees, bugs and butterflies.

  • Try to control the spread of bracken as it can lead to the loss of green lizard habitats.
Join the Jersey Amphibian and Reptile Group:

Help protect the green lizard by joining JARG. You could get involved in activities like gorse clearing, which protects the green lizardsí natural habitats.

To find out more, contact JARG:
© Mick Dryden
© Mick Dryden

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