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About the Green Lizard Project

Jersey’s native green lizard has been in decline in recent years due to a number of factors which include changes in agriculture and land use. Pollution, drainage and furze fires have all contributed to the fall in numbers. Green lizards also have their natural predators and are preyed upon by a number of animals including cats and birds, kestrels in particular.

In 2006 the States of Jersey Department of Environment launched a series of biodiversity action plans for rare, threatened, declining or significant species to Jersey with the green lizard being one of them. The green lizard biodiversity action plan is being implemented by the Department of the Environment and the Jersey Amphibian and Reptile Group (JARG). The plan lists a set of actions to ensure the survival of the green lizard. Just some of these actions are;

  • To protect the species

  • To safeguard and manage known sites

  • To continue to monitor and research the lizard population

  • Introducing financial support through the Countryside Renewal Scheme to maintain or improve suitable habitats on private land.

the Green Lizard Biodiversity Plan in PDF format.

In 2007 Walkers law firm became the first champion of the biodiversity action plans. They chose the green lizard and committed to help maintain green lizard habitats, raise awareness and encourage Islanders to get involved in its protection. As part of their Championship, they created this website to promote the conservation of the Island’s green lizard population.

Jersey Amphibian training day for participants in NARRS

Website for Jersey's green lizard project.

Fundraising lizard toys go on sale.

Law firm champions Jersey's endangered green lizard.

© Peter Double
© Peter Double
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